OMB A-123 Support

Red Rock helps government agencies develop and sustain high-performance A-123 compliance programs. Working collaboratively, we help clients:

  • Apply a risk-based approach to compliance that reduces overall costs and level of effort.
  • Standardize and enhance processes and systems by embedding internal controls.
  • Redefine and re-examine existing controls and place greater emphasis on documentation, testing, and continuous monitoring.
  • Leverage existing efforts to obtain more timely and accurate performance data to help executives make better decisions and identify opportunities to run programs more effectively.


  • Provide comprehensive OMB A-123 compliance support
  • Apply process re-engineering expertise to streamline compliance efforts
  • Leverage existing monitoring efforts to eliminate redundancies
  • Develop and implement appropriate, cost-effective, results-oriented management controls
  • Apply a risk-based approach for control assessments
  • Implement risk frameworks and monitoring tools
  • Develop business process controls maturity models and roadmaps
  • Utilize technology and tools to drive automated monitoring and testing of internal controls

Impact & Value

  • Increase accountability and credibility
  • Reduce cost of A-123 compliance
  • Streamline compliance requirement efforts
  • Improve overall agency program efficiency and effectiveness
  • Obtain relevant financial data faster to make better decisions
  • Identify and mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Improve auditability

OMB A-123 Support

Maintain compliance with high efficiency

Train managers to maintain compliance programs