DCAA, GSA & SBA Compliance

DCAA Audit Assistance

Experiencing a DCAA audit can be very overwhelming and terrifying.

Red Rock wants to eliminate your pain. We’ve worked with numerous clients to go through this process and have an excellent track record of achieving success through it.

Passing a DCAA audit can be very profitable to your company. We have worked with our clients to come out of an audit, primed and ready for growth.

GSA & SBA Support

RFP/Proposal Assistance – GSA Schedule & SBA 8(a) Services:

Selling to the federal government has never been more appealing, but succeeding in the federal market can be difficult.

Obtaining a GSA Schedule or 8(a) contract vehicle enables your business to sell products and services with ease to the federal government. Red Rock is proud to stay on top of the emerging trends that we, in turn, pass along to our clients that hold GSA Schedule and 8(a) contracts, thereby helping them to achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

Our instincts have proven accurate and our industry expertise is unparalleled.

In order for you to concentrate on developing new business and satisfying your current customers, Red Rock’s dedicated professional staff offers you a total GSA or 8(a) solution that may include:

  • Bid Preparation Services
  • Review of Commercial Sales Practices
  • Development of Pricing Strategy and Price to Win Analysis
  • Preparation and Submission of the Offer
  • Monitoring/Tracking the Offer Through
  • Proactive Contract Administration
  • Best Practices
  • Training
  • Updates

DCAA, GSA & SBA Compliance

We can help you pass the DCAA audit

We stay current with trending information to help you pass your audit.